News: Gianna and Gabriel Marisi earned their C ratings. Gianna is Regional Champion.

Recent Meet Results

Junior Olympics, Denver, CO, February 13

Cadet Womens Foil
Gianna Marisi - 109 out of 198

During the late 1970's, I gave up on the sport of fencing and came home to New Jersey. Through an emergency landing on a NJ beach while in the Navy, I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow that told me about a fencing program run by Maestro Charlie Bosco. Two days later I was at that Salle taking lessons and I did so for a number of years even while working with the great Csaba Elthes in New York. Csaba was great at advanced technique, but Charlie was tremendous at instilling the love of fencing in me. I would leave the New York club very often in a negative way, I always left Salle Bosco in a positive way. I totally credit Maestro Bosco for keeping me in fencing and helping to create an Olympic fencer and coach out of me. Anyone who works with Maestro Bosco can be assured of learning technique, strategy, and most of all, a lifetime love of fencing." -Steve Mormando, 1984, 1988, 1992 Olympic Team, Head Coach NYU
Note: Steve was inducted into the US Fencing Hall of Fame in 2019

About the Club

Most people are unfamiliar with a fencing salle because it is the traditional name of a fencing school. A salle is similar to a karate dojo in that there is continuous instruction given, and directed, by the head of the school. Therefore, Salle D'Armes Bosco is a fencing school under the management of Charles Bosco.

Salle D'Armes Bosco Fencing Center is a labor of love. Charlie and Marianne Bosco have been associated with the sport of fencing for a total of over 100 years. Coach Bosco has been active in the sport of fencing as a competitor, official, chairman of two fencing divisions, and instructor for approximately 60 years. He was trained by Edward Lucia and Tony Orsi, both fencing masters from the internationally famous Salle Santelli of New York City. Both of these instructors trained Olympic fencers. After many years of competing Coach Bosco opened Salle D'Armes Bosco in New Jersey. In 1993 he moved to Madison, Alabama. After coaching many years in Alabama he built the Salle D'Armes Bosco facility and has been developing young fencers for competition.

Marianne has been active in the sport mostly as a competitor. She started as a foil fencer, winning many medals, including gold medals in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regional Championships. In New Jersey she took first place in the Garden State Games. She has been a member of the U.S. Veterans Epee team eight times, taking the gold medal in three national championships. In 2010 she earned a bronze medal at the Veteran World Championships in Croatia.

Marianne assists with the training of beginner fencers. Her main function is sharing her many years of local, national, and international competitive experiences with the students. So, with training provided by Mr. Bosco and competitive teaching by Mrs. Bosco, the students are provided with a well rounded and complete approach to the sport.

Because fencing is relatively unknown in this area, new fencers are not placed in a beginner's class. Beginners are given four private lessons with Mr. Bosco. This preliminary instruction is meant to acquaint the student with the basic moves and terminology of fencing. This instruction will allow the student to determine whether he or she likes the sport and wants to continue. If the student elects to continue there will be a smooth transition to our beginner classes.

The Center holds continuous classes for intermediate and advanced students of all ages. All three weapons (foil, epee, and saber) are taught, with beginners limited to foil. Although winning is important, and some people would say it is everything, it is not the top priority of the Center. First, and foremost, is the teaching of sportsmanship and respect for opponents. Secondly, the important basic skills and their application to competition are stressed. Finally, winning will result and it will continue with the training. Winning is not the goal. It is a byproduct of excellence.

Salle D'Armes Bosco Fencing Center has one of the best locations in the South. Unlike some clubs that are in factory or shopping areas, our Center is in a quiet residential location across the road from farm land. On some evenings one can see deer come out to feed. Behind the Salle is a large fenced-in area dedicated to agility dog training. If you are a visiting fencer in the area, please stop in and fence as our guest.